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Brand: Belkin Model: WCB006myWH
USB-C PD 3.0 certified for safe and optimal chargingCompact and portable20W per USB-C port delivers 40W of combined power..
93.45 AED
Ex Tax:89.00 AED
Brand: Belkin Model: WCB007my
Fast charge an iPhone 12 from 0-50% in 25 minutes or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G from 0-50% in 26 minutesUSB-A port to charge another compatible device at the same timeUSB-C PD 3.0 certified with PPS technology for safe and optimized charging Compact and travel ready..
72.45 AED
Ex Tax:69.00 AED
Brand: Belkin Model: G3H0001btWHT
S,M, & L ear tips for all-day comfort and noise isolationSweat and splash resistantLightning connector Durable, tangle-free cable Tactile music and phone-call controls Built-in microphone..
114.45 AED
Ex Tax:109.00 AED
Brand: Belkin Model: CAA001bt1MWH
About this itemCharge and power your Apple devices with any USB A portSync your photos, music, and data to your laptopTransfer data from your USB A computer to your Apple deviceSmart circuitry detects connected devices to deliver optimal chargingCertified by relevant bodies for compatibility example..
40.95 AED
Ex Tax:39.00 AED
Brand: Belkin Model: WCA004my
Power Samsung smartphones up to 25WUSB PD 3.0 (PPS) certified for sale and optimal charging speeds Compact and travel-ready size..
82.95 AED
Ex Tax:79.00 AED
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